Lake City

A division of Altrusa of Lake city

Motivating Facts

  • 34% of the adults in Columbia County are obese (26% statewide)
  • 29% of adults in Columbia County report that they are physically inactive (24% statewide)
  • Out of the 67 counties in the state of Florida, ours ranks 58th in health and wellness
  • Our Florida Surgeon General predicts that without a sharp change in our behavior,  6 in 10 babies born now will be obese by the time they graduate high school

The skinny!

There's strength in numbers. True statement, especially when Altrusa of lake city is involved.

This  challenge is designed to touch all members of our community desiring to participate. From The Biggest Loser, The Color Run and The Corporate Cup, any one can join the challenge and the fun.

our goal

  1. To improve the overall health and fitness of Columbia County.
  2. To change ourselves, and to incite a culture of change in our community. 
  3. To not let our generation be the first one in history to grow up less healthy than our parents.