Lake City


Companies of all sizes are invited to field a team.

Each team will compete within one of four divisions.

Field A Team

Click on the link below to down load your Registration Form.

Team Entry Fee *

            Division 1 (200+ employees)          $500

            Division 2 (100 – 199 employees)  $300

            Division 3 (50 – 99 employees)      $200

            Division 4 (up to 49 employee)      $100

Each team designates a team captain or co-captains if necessary.  Team captains then recruit fellow employees to fill 50 competition slots across 10 events. There is no limit on the number of team members you bring to the event. Want to bring a customer or important client to represent your team? That is OK by us - as long as the person is 16 years old or older. Training is up to you – we just want you to show up on time April 7, 2018 - game face ready. 

Companies will be placed in a division based on the total number of full time and part time employees.

Have a small business with less than 12 employees? Not to worry - we will pair you with other small businesses to create a team large enough to compete. Want to create your own team by combining small businesses of your choice? Great. Just let us know that is your desire.